Avon supply a range of fans for a variety of applications:

Single Fans

These are forward curved centrifugal fan Double Inlet Double Width fans (DIDW)

Avon 039 – 520lps
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Avon 058 900lps
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Avon 030 1150lps
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Avon 360 1280lps
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Fan Decks

These consist of two DIDW fans mounted on a common axle and driven by a single motor.

Avon TDI 154 – 575lps
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Avon 041 – 1280lps
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Avon 541 – 2200lps
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Belt Driven Fans

For high capacity applications Avon can supply a belt driven DIDW fan. We have two models the BC381 with an air-flow of 5000l/s @ 0Pa and 1200rpm, and the BC1800 with an air flow of over 8500 l/s @ 0 Pa and 1000 rpm.

Fischbach Fans

Avon are the sole agents for Fischbach products in New Zealand
Fischbach produce a range of high quality fans with relatively small dimensions for their power, this makes them ideal for installations where space is an issue, eg in a false ceiling cavity.

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