AVON Electric is one of New Zealands leading suppliers and manufacturers of quality Electric Heating,

Ventilation and Energy Efficient Systems.



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AVON ELECTRIC Ltd: Improving energy efficiency in all domestic and commercial HVAC applications.

Avon Electric Ltd has specialised in all forms of electrical heating since the end of the 1930s.  In the 1980s we commenced manufacture of specialised ventilation equipment, and we have a long history in fresh air ventilation and heat recovery systems to meet current building codes and energy efficiency standards.  This web site explains our product range with illustrated examples.

While we have a range of standard products it is important to appreciate that over 50% of our production is of standard products specially modified to meet specific demands.

If you know our products, go directly to the Product section and select as required.  For solutions to common heating and ventilation problems, select Solutions and click on the appropriate application, to find alternatives for each application, e.g. School Classrooms, Large Buildings, Swimming Pools, Process Heaters and Dryers.

If you require information regarding Home Ventilation we suggest you visit the CLEANAIRE website at us on Facebook

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